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Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season Select
BakgatlaPilanesburgNorth West25-Dec-2020 to 01-Jan-2021HP121 bed 635000.00R5546,237535Peak 4
Midlands Saddle & TroutDrakensbergKZN18-Dec-2020 to 25-Dec-2020P094 bed 813999.00R1733214520Peak 4
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga25-Sep-2020 to 02-Oct-2020H153 bed 849500.00R5731,766350Peak 3
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga25-Sep-2020 to 02-Oct-2020H152 bed 644000.00R5278,224650Red
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga27-Nov-2020 to 04-Dec-2020N353 bed 842900.00R5731,766350Red
Ngwenya Lodge KomatipoortMpumalanga04-Dec-2020 to 11-Dec-2020H162 bed 649500.00R5278,227450Peak 3
Sabi River Sun HazeyviewMpumalanga27-Nov-2020 to 04-Dec-2020482 bed 619999.00R92005200Red
Sanbonani HazeyviewMpumalanga11-Dec-2020 to 18-Dec-2020P092 bed 638000.00R63307450Peak 3
Sanbonani HazeyviewMpumalanga01-Jan-2021 to 08-Jan-2021P122 bed 618000.00R63307450Peak 3
Sanbonani HazeyviewMpumalanga08-Jan-2021 to 15-Jan-2021P172 bed 68500.00R63305400Peak 1
St Michael Sands MargateKZN04-Dec-2020 to 11-Dec-2020492 bed 69999.00R7573,785560Peak 3
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN19-Sep-2020 to 26-Sep-2020381 bed 430000.00R70605200Peak 3
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN05-Dec-2020 to 12-Dec-2020491 bed 445000.00R70604700Peak 2
Margate Sands MargateKZN05-Dec-2020 to 12-Dec-2020P063 bed 815000.00R68529150Peak 3
Mabalingwe Bela BelaLimpopo11-Dec-2020 to 18-Dec-2020502 bed 624900.00R7717,778030Peak 3
La RochelleSt LuciaKZN16-Oct-2020 to 23-Oct-2020433 bed 61000.00R57553700White
BakubungPilanesburgNorth West04-Dec-2020 to 11-Dec-2020P072 bed 645000.00R85628250Peak 3
Beacon IslandPlettenberg BayWestern Cape09-Jan-2021 to 16-Jan-202120 bed 443900.00R69803400Peak 1
Breakers Resort UmhlangaKZN19-Sep-2020 to 26-Sep-2020382 bed 69999.00R160977550Peak 3
Breakers Resort UmhlangaKZN05-Dec-2020 to 12-Dec-2020492 bed 616900.00R160977550Peak 3
Breakers Resort UmhlangaKZN09-Jan-2021 to 16-Jan-202122 bed 614999.00R160977550Peak 3
Chaka's Rock ChaletsNorth CoastKZN04-Dec-2020 to 11-Dec-2020492 bed 617500.00R6044,235885Peak 3
Falcon GlenSchoemanskloofMpumalanga11-Dec-2020 to 18-Dec-2020503 bed 89000.00R67436390Peak 3
Hermanus Beach Club HermanusWestern Cape10-Jul-2020 to 17-Jul-2020283 bed 814999.00R59766100Red
Kwa MaritanePilanesburgNorth West11-Sep-2020 to 18-Sep-2020372 bed 818000.00R61766325Red
Kwa MaritanePilanesburgNorth West18-Sep-2020 to 25-Sep-2020382 bed 823000.00R967810670Peak 3
Kwa MaritanePilanesburgNorth West11-Sep-2020 to 18-Sep-2020371 bed 419500.00R61764125Red
La Cote d'Azur MargateKZN04-Dec-2020 to 11-Dec-2020H102 bed 630000.00R92726900Peak 3
Umhlanga Sands UmhlangaKZN09-Jan-2021 to 16-Jan-202121 bed 443000.00R70603800Peak 1
Resort Area Province Date Week(s) Size Price Levy RCI Season

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