About Arrowwood International

When negotiating to buy timeshares or sell timeshares, timeshare vacations or rci imeshare south africa, timeshare resales or timeshare holidays south africa,  it is best to have a seasoned broker at your side to navigate the murky waters of the shared real estate industry.

The Arrowwood International team, captained by Adrian Watkin-Jones, have been honing their brokering skills since 1990 and are known for negotiating the best possible timeshare holiday deals for their clients despite the competitive nature of the industry, often saving up to 70% off original developer prices.

Why should you use Arrowwood International?

  • As a company, we have received the RCI “South African Resale Company of the Year” award.
  • We are endorsed by VOASA (the industry regulatory body) and hold a fully constituted trust account for the collection of funds.
  • We offer the best prices for timeshare vacations, timeshare holidays in the industry, guaranteed.
  • When commissioned to procure a given week/fractional, we will go the extra mile to ensure you get the holiday week you want at the holiday price you can afford.
  • We won't charge you any listing fees when selling your week/fractional.
  • We provide timeshare upgrades and will inform you of any special deals that may arise (timeshare south africa, timeshare broke, timeshare accommodation, timeshare resales ).
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